Gambling addiction

The high level of popularity and availability of online casinos has led to the fact that problems have become actual, about which only twenty years ago few people thought seriously. This is, first of all, about gambling addiction.

Despite the fact that at all times there were people suffering from this very dangerous psychological disease, it was with the widespread use of Internet casinos, as well as in the recent past that stood on every corner of the machines, led to a real surge in gaming addiction. Of particular danger is the fact that often its victims are young people between the ages of eighteen, who find it extremely difficult to get rid of their attachment to gambling.

Psychologists are currently classifying game addiction in several ways, the main of which we briefly describe.

Pathological dependence on online casinos

The syndrome of pathological dependence (or, as it is called, game drive) is expressed in a continuous desire to start the game for money as soon as possible. A person exposed to his influence often has obsessive fantasies about winning, there is confidence in an early victory. Over time, the player begins to lose the initial mood, becomes irritable, doubts his own abilities.

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As you know, every win causes a whole range of positive emotions in the brain. Often a player becomes their hostage, trying to win the game as often as possible. Given the fact that winnings do not occur often, a person can continue the game for quite a while before he gets tired. At the same time, if you have not managed to win for a long time, the player gets depressed, loses sleep, appetite.

In early 2012, Russia passed a law prohibiting online poker, like all other gambling games. With this turn of events, movement activists, who support the opinion that poker is not a gamble, do not agree. In gambling, winning depends only on the will of chance and luck, and poker is first and foremost a logical game. Only one who has certain skills and abilities can play poker, such as chess, for example, which fundamentally distinguishes it from gambling. Poker and all related organizational activities are also prohibited on the Internet and other virtual networks. Previously, poker was one of the sports, and activists make every effort to return the game to its former state.

The media have information about a certain bill called the Law on Intellectual and Commercial Games, which should provide support in organizing cultural holidays for citizens of the country’s authorities, but so far it remains on paper and has not been considered in any case. Moreover, the legislature knows nothing about it at all. Poker is still considered game and chase. Administrative penalties and possible liability under the relevant articles of the criminal code are waiting for the game of poker and the players and the organizers.

From the point of view of lawyers, poker is quite objectively regarded as a gamble, since it has lost its sport status.

Last year, a unique trial was held in France, the essence of which was to charge one person with the organization of a poker game. He played games on the territory of his living space, bets were made on real money. But thanks to competent lawyers, the process was won, and the man was acquitted

The court proved that poker is not a gamble. Only one who has profound analytical and mathematical knowledge, certain skills and experience can play and win. It is the listed player abilities that distinguish poker from gambling for good luck. The witnesses at the trial were chess players and mathematicians. This case is currently the only one in history.

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