Joseph Jagger Legend of Casino

In the past, when a random number generator was not yet invented, and before the advent of the Internet there were still a good hundred years, there were often cases when talented or just observant people played games in casinos for large sums, using some technological flaws inherent in gaming establishments in the past. One of them was Joseph Jagger.

Not a lot is known about this person, however, he is a real historical figure, who has broken a big win in the games in Monte Carlo casino.

Biography of the casino game legend

The biography of Joseph, at least that part of it that has reached our days, does not shine with many facts. It is known that this future casino conqueror was born in September 1830 in an English village near the town of Golifax. Apparently, the parents paid the necessary attention to the child, and he himself showed abilities, because the next known fact of the biography is his work at the Yorkshire cotton factory as an engineer.

It is not known how often he visited the casino, but apparently enough to notice that some numbers on the roulette wheel at the casino Beaux-Arts, located in Monte Carlo, fall quite often. To find confirmation of his observation, they hired six people, who for some time carefully watched the wheel of interest to Jagger and recorded all the data.

After analyzing the records, Joseph came to the conclusion that the numbers 7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 19, 22, 28 and 29 fall out much more often than others.
And how this talented conqueror ordered with his observations and how he became a legend in casino games in our next article How to play in a casino obeyed Joseph Jagger.

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Brilliant casino game from Jagger

In our previous article, we began to look at the story of Joseph Jagger, who became a legend in casino games. In this article we will continue our story and describe how he managed to subdue the game in the casino.

Having collected some money and armed with the knowledge gained, Joseph Jagger crossed the threshold of the Beaux-Arts casino on July 7, 1875. The game at the casino went according to plan, all the bets he did on the lucky nine digits, and at the end of the evening had a sum of 14,000 pounds sterling, which is equivalent to 700,000 pounds in our time. Over the next three days, he won another 60,000 pounds.

After that, the casino guessed that there was no smell of good luck, and they began to rearrange the wheels in a different order in the game room. However, Joseph was able to find, on the scratch on the body, the desired wheel and continued to win. Over the next two days, the casino administration continually changed tables and wheels, and as a result, Jagger began to lose. We must pay tribute to him, he stopped playing and left the casino so that he would never return to it again. In total, during the time spent at Beaux-Arts, Joseph won £ 3,250,000 in terms of modern money. He resigned from the factory, invested the funds in real estate and lived comfortably until his death in 1892.

His actions caused a lot of damage to the casino, as many players, noticing that Jagger constantly wins, began to bet on the same numbers as he. In the future, in all the Monte Carlo casinos, people began to be very attentive to the serviceability of the equipment used and similar incidents, at least on this scale, have not been repeated.